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Victoria Hilliard


Victoria has developed her kiln fired relief ceramic pictures over the past 25 years. In that time she has moved around England, but always returning to her native Cornwall, and has lived in Penwith for 15 years. She loves 2 dimensional painting and drawing but always gets pulled back into working the clay into the image she wants to present, it has become her medium as oils are to a painter. It can take years sometimes for ideas to ferment and then finally come out as a finished work. Much time is taken up in organising, delivering, and selling. Currently showing in selected galleries all around the southwest, Victoria has in the past, shown a lot in London and even New York, but for now gets much pleasure from being part of Art Space. "My work is informed" says Victoria "by a cocktail of my horticultural experience on Scilly, training in Graphics and Fine Art, an extensive family who all seem to be creative in one way or an other, parents who were market gardeners and potters, brilliant teachers and all the Penwithian life around me."

'Garden Peas'

w Garden peas.jpg

Fired clay in wooden frame.


w aurriculas 003.jpg

Fired clay in wood frame.


w summer 08.jpg  

'Honeysuckle wreath'

w summer 08 014.jpg

Fired clay in wooden frame.

'Lighthouse with Seagulls'use

w summer 208.jpg

Fired clay in a wood frame.

'Shaded Aplpine Auricula'

w aurriculas.jpg

Fired clay, wooden frame.